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How to Move Past ARS Investment Illiquidity

The financial system has made many investors quite a bit nervous. In February, all of the large banking companies decided to pull support from the auction-rate securities market. Some experts attribute this decision to the credit crunch. Once this happened, the auctions completely failed, and rates were selling at unacceptable prices. Many investors went to withdraw their money, only to find out that it was no longer liquid.

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Investing Your Child in Children’s Ebooks

Obviously, if you are a parent, you want your child to start the process of learning to read as soon as is reasonably possible. Of course, some children pick up the basics of reading faster than others – that is, of course, plain old human nature. However, research study after research study has supported the proposition that those children who are exposed to reading and books at a very early age are precisely the same little ones who start reading on their own at a point in time well before their peers who have not had the same exposure. Therefore, with this in mind, you will want to come to a better understanding and appreciation of the concept of “investing” your children in children’s books and in children’s ebooks at an early age.

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